Call without sim in Emergency

Call without sim in Emergency

Making calls without Sim card...

Oops it looks weird right!!! But, yes its true one can make call without sim card in mobile. There are some emergency numbers available in India on which you can call. Obviously we cannot make personal calls as they are blocked by service providers but we can use Emergency numbers. Emergency numbers available in India are 100 for police, 108 or 112 for medical help and 101 in case of fire. Emergency calls have their own menu through which we can call even if screen is locked. In Smartphone even if screen is pattern or pin protected option for emergency call is available.


Does Emergency number works without sim card?

Yes, obviously it works!!
To make an emergency call we don’t need sim card because this sim card only contains information like our phone number and carrier information and user is registered to that number or not. So, in case of emergency these numbers will directly redirect you to emergency helpdesk without need of carrier information.

Even if you are in cave these will work as SIM cards hold user credentials for authentication and billing information, but aren't required to actually make the connection to the network.

Proposal for Common emergency number:

Currently, TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) has recommended implementation of the toll-free number as a single point of contact for assistance in a major emergency. So, TRAI Proposed “112” as common emergency number in India like other foreign countries. Various common Emergency numbers are 911 for Canada and USA, 110 for Japan, 999 for UK, 000 for Australia or 111 for New Zealand.

The working for which will be simple: Caller dials the emergency response system (ERS), the software will interpret and will redirect to appropriate emergency center in case of Fire, Medical help or Police.

These ERS will help to make voice calls from landlines, mobiles, internet anywhere…No need of any network also… There is a need of good and easy to remember Universal helpline number so…

Let’s hope that Proposal will be accepted so that we can use common 112 number in an emergency for making emergency call which will work anywhere ,No need for sim or any carrier …

It will be ease!!Just Dial “112” and your help will reach…

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Nidhi   () I want the location of this mobile no 7739481093
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k.chinna   (kurnool) I lossed my sim
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