How to block incoming Mobile/ phone calls from any number or How to block unwanted calls?

We frequently get undesirable calls from numerous individuals/ Advertisers/ tele administration and so forth. While getting such undesirable calls amid imperative events, we feel irritated and bothered. So How to stop such calls / messagaes?

Option 1: Anonymous block callsNow, All smart phones has an option to block incoming call for a known phone number, You can simply go to Recent calls / call history and select option -BLOCK for frequently disturbing calls . This will work out for you, if you are trying to block frequently disturbing or known phone numbers. You can also group such calls into single Contact group and block such group completely.


Option 2: Do not call Most critical, You have to initiate Do not call Registry ! You have to choose 'don't call registry' to stay far from such calls, also this choice comes free of expense to all portable or phone users ! (give the link of DND article)

How to block incoming Mobile/ phone calls from any number or How to block unwanted
                                    calls ?

Option 3: Filter CallsOther way to buy the software to filter calls,SMS. The application may give you a choice to block the calls in view of numerous courses, as craved by the clients like beginning number, promoters, Overseas calls, and so on...

Option 4: Last caller barring perhaps unsurprisingly, this feature blocks the number of the last person to call you. It’s useful if you take a call from a salesperson or other nuisance caller, and know from that first conversation that you’ll never want to speak to them again. Once selected, the caller will hear a busy tone the next time they call. Of course, they have to call you at least once before you can block them. Last caller barring is available on some phones, as well as via your phone provider or through most call blockers.

Option5:International call blocking if most of your calls from abroad are from a man in Mumbai trying to offer you an upgrade on your broadband, then you might be tempted by the option to block international calls. Only UK-based phone numbers will be able to get through to you, although the trueCall call blocker will also let any friends or relatives abroad enter a special code to bypass the block.

International call blocking is available on some phones or through most call blockers.

Option6: Silence/Night mode If you don’t get too many nuisance calls, or simply don’t want to speak to anyone when you’re settling down to watch Eastenders, then Silence/Night mode gives you the option to set a time period when your phone won’t ring. It essentially mutes the ringtone, meaning that the call is getting through – you just won’t hear it. You can select numbers from your phonebook to bypass this if there are people you don’t mind talking to at any time.

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