How To Track Phone

How to Find a Lost Phone

Smartphone: If you lost your phone the it happens it to be a Smartphone, then it includes there are number of the clever apps out and there designed to help get back it. Both IOS and Android have similar abilities when it comes to locating your phone.

Your smart phone will have retrieval features that allow the phone to ring maximum volume or silent as well as lock the phone. The operating system allows the users all data are erase to store on the phone.

Many times it occurs if you lose your phone it happens to be out of battery, your best option that follow the particular instruction and steps to help it find phone.


There are three methods to find phone:

1. Checking it to the nearby:

There are many steps to check it to the near place, city and around with it.

  • Call your phone and listen for the ring or vibrate and try to locate to find the phone location. If your phone is truly lost and in someone’s hand then they likely to give the answer if they intend to return the phone. If you don’t have accesses to a phone then try to using or These both the sites will help it to find the phone
  • Send an SMS text message in your missing phone
  • Retrace your recent seps
  • Call around

2. Tracking the phone:

There are many steps to track your phone iphone,anroid phone and window phone.

  • Use to find my iphone and tack your lost of iphone
  • Use Anroid Device manager to find Anroid Phone
  • Use Window Phone website to find a lost of window phone
  • Use Preinstalled apps to trackyour phone

3 Taking Action:

There are many stpeps to take it action so that we have find our phone easily.

  • Do not attempt to retrive a stolen device in yourself.
  • Online interaction cancl your Password and login.
  • Always contact with Telephone company.
  • Report it to the Police Station.
  • Learn it your loss phone.

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