Yahoo Live text - Video Messenger App Now Available in India

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The world is not running short of messaging application. There are various applications stores filled with chat and messenger client. Now a day’s people want to find that new and expressive way of communicating. Yahoo launched its new messenger app live text in hong-kong in mid July and then officially announced at a New York event at the end of the month. On Thursday yahoo announced that the Android and iOS apps are now available in India also.

For those who are not aware and unfamiliar, Yahoo Live text - Video Messenger is a strange video chat app that combines the traditional texting experience with media-rich content. It also allows you to send silent videos of yourself with a friend while also letting you to type your thoughts or status that shows on top of the videos.


The company says the app "mix the quality, excitement and simplicity of texting with the expressiveness of video, without the audio." While texting is quick and easy, you often miss the meaning of a message, and you have to explain your reaction ("LOL or ROFL"), or wait for some hours before getting a response of the send text. And to talk on the phone, you not only have to be available, but you also have to be in a place where you can speak freely. The company said "Yahoo Live text combines video to make your conversations more genuine and valid, and text to bring you a quick and non-intrusive way to connect".

Yahoo has largely remained absent from the aggressively growing and evolving market of messaging clients. The company, whose Yahoo Messenger client dominated the market once, hardly paid attention to improve its marquee messenger, and allowing several users to leave one without having obtained permission to do so. When apps like WhatsApp and Face book Messenger came in the market. Live text is seemingly it’s a company's way to get back in the game and target the young audience. You can download it from the Play store, App store and Google Play.

The application is being made available for Apple and Android devices. The move comes with Yahoo aiming to refocus on its business on mobiles and videos after losing leadership in Web search. The tech industries already has a number of messaging apps ranging from Face book-Owned Whatsapp to snap chat , which features disappearing video messages.


So, what is the Live Text and what exactly does it offer to user??

Well these days people are communicating via phone and they are always connected. For them phone is their first computer. Video calling is now the past. For a lot of people, live text makes you send videos without sound. From the feedback we got to know that, People said for video calling they need to setup everything but with Live Text, it’s faster form of video communication that relies on body language, the funny faces or smiley’s that you make in the video.

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