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So, whenever you call someone living in different city, you need to dial the STD code first and then the phone number. Since there are hundreds and thousands of STD codes for Indian cities and villages, you can’t remember most of them. is the number 1 website for many tracking and searching services. Tracking services includes mobile number tracking, vehicle number registration tracking, land line number tracking, trace BULK SMS sender.

In order to find out the STD codes in India, you just need to enter the city name and hit search and you will be provided the city name and the state. Also, if you know the STD code and need to find out the city name you will get that too.


India is a HUGE country. In fact Huge is an understatement. It has 29 states. Now to get a general idea, if Maharashtra were to declare independence today, it would be cover an area far greater than England. Owing to the vast number of different cities, towns and villages, the Government has allotted specific STD ( Subscriber Trunk Dialer ) codes to each city, village and town.

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For example, Pune STD code is 020, Mumbai STD code is 022, Delhi STD code is 011, Bangalore (also known as Bangaluru) STD code is 080 and Chennai STD code is 044. Here, 022, 044, 011, 033, 0124, 0120 are the STD code which are followed by phone numbers when a use makes a call. Here is the list of company of landline numbers that provide the Telecom services.

Below is the list of the coompanies that provides landline/fixed line services in India.

7. MTS
10. JIO

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