1. Hide "Last Seen" Timestamp.

Everyone wants privacy on WhatsApp. If you want to privacy and some security features about your messages, you have need to hide the last seen status.By default the WhatsApp provide this enable feature.To disable this feature you need to follow some steps.

If you are an iOS users it is very easy. To disable this feature Go to Settings>Chat settings>Advanced and Set Last Seen Off. But in Android phone, you have to needinstall another Hide WhatsApp Status app using play store. After install and open this app,it will disable your packet data and Wi-Fi& after exit this app,your packet data and Wi-Fi network are reactivated, now you can send messages to anyone.

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2. Backup and Restore WhatsApp chat history.

WhatsApp provide a automatic and manual backups feature.If you want to make a manual just follow this steps. If you are an iOS user go to settings>Chat settings>Chat backup, and then backup.

On Android go to settings>chat settings> Backup Conversation after that it will ask to store file in file manager.There is no way to restore chat directly, you need to reinstall app.when reinstall you need to prompted your most recent backup.

To recoveryour deleted messages,WhatsApp store all yours conservations in your SD card. Go to SD card>WhatsApp database.Here, msgstore.db.cryptcontains all sent/receive messages and files such in the format msgstore.yyyy..dd..db.crypt contains last 7 days conservations>open with this file in simple text editor>you can read, view all messages.

3. Stop to prevent auto media Download.

You can stop WhatsApp from automatic downloading images.
Simply Go to WhatsApp chat settings>Media auto download >bydefault its “checked”,you just “unchecked” it.

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4. Change Your WhatsApp old number with new number without losing messages.

Without using traditional way uninstall and reinstall,If you want to change your WhatsApp number no need to reinstall.Just follow this simple trick Go to WhatsApp settings>Account settings> Change number> Just enter your old number in the top section and new number in bottom section >press done.After that verify your phone number >start chat with new number.

5. Lock your WhatsApp from others.

If you are Android smartphone users,you can lock your WhatsApp to maintain privacy from others.To lock your WhatsApp you need to install WhatsApp Lock from play store.It allows to lock your WhatsApp by pin.

6. Hide WhatsApp Images appearing in Gallery.

If you need privacy for your WhatsApp images which is appearing in Gallery, just follow this steps.
In iOS it's very simple:Just go to Settings>Privacy>Photos and then turn the WhatsApp switch off.

  • There is also possible in Android to hide folders with WhatsApp pictures using a .nomedia file". Following steps have to be made:You have to need install "ES File Explorer" which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.
  • Once you have file manager installed, open it. Navigate to ‘What Sapp’s media’ folder under
    Home > sdcard > WhatsApp > Media.
  • Under Media folder you will see a sub-folder called ‘WhatsApp Images‘. Rename this ‘WhatsApp Images’ folder by adding a period (.) in front of given name. So your final folder name becomes ‘.WhatsApp Images‘ To rename a folder in ES file Explorer, long press the folder and you will see rename option appear at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now if you go to your gallery, you will not see any WhatsApp images or videos; like it was never there. To bring back the WhatsApp images in your gallery you can remove the period (.) from WhatsApp images folder. And everything will be back to normal.This will stop Gallery from scanning folder.
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